Corn Energy Products is where you want to go in West Michigan if you are interested in saving money on your heating costs.
  We feature the Bixby Biomass System that burns corn OR wood pellets.   
Cozy family, enjoying the comfortable warmth of a Bixby Corn Stove
Alternative heating from Corn Energy Products
Corn FUEL growing - AKA cornfield
The Bixby Biomass System
High Tech Energy! Low Cost Comfort!
A system that adapts to your persoanl needs, assuring the
ultimate in comfort and economical heating.  
Ugly Black Box (UBB)
Commercial Grade Stove
Shown without the optional extension hopper
  Efficient, economic performance

The Maxfire Stove provides the ultimate in comfortable, economical
heating for the home. Now, our incredibly efficient, patent pending technology
is available in a larger, more powerful stovethat;s perfect for the garage or workshop.

High Energy Output

The Bixby UBB burns hotter, for more warmth over a greater area. It's extra
powerful blower generates up to 70,000 BTUs.

Trouble Free

Features automatic diagnostics, automatic start-up and an expandable fuel
hopper for few trips and less loading.


A better-engineered,
better-built stove.

Environmnentally friendly

Burning biomass instead of fossil
fuels reduces greenhouse gas emmissions
and enhances your energy security.

Flexible fuel

Burns corn, wood pellets, or Bixby
Certified Biomass Pellets. Switches
between fuel automatically.
Large 5.4 bushel fuel hopper

High- output heat vents
Extra powerful blower

Durable Steel Cabinet

Maximum burn efficiency

Patented automatic Start-up

Self cleaning burn pot

Specifications available by clicking HERE on Bixby Energy

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