Corn Energy Products is where you want to go in West Michigan if you are interested in saving money on your heating costs.
  We feature the Bixby Biomass System that burns corn OR wood pellets.   
Cozy family, enjoying the comfortable warmth of a Bixby Corn Stove
Alternative heating from Corn Energy Products
Corn FUEL growing - AKA cornfield
SCF-050 Corn Furnace
"Simply" the Most Reliable!


Use the fastest,
renewable fuel -

It's the right thing to do!

St Croix's corn furnace supplies supplemental heat in conjunction with your present heating system, or it can be used as a stand-alone heater.

A unique clinker and ash removal system allows continuous furnace operation.

St. Croix - backed by over a
century of combustion experience.

  • Extended Heat Exchange Surface
  • 200 Pound Corn Hopper
  • Large Clinker & Ash pan
  • Convenient Fire Viewing Glass
  • Direct, Thru-the-Wall Venting
  • Two-Speed Hot Air Blower
  • Digitaal Control Board
  • Room Thermistat Control
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