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  We feature the Bixby Biomass System that burns corn OR wood pellets.   
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Alternative heating from Corn Energy Products
Corn FUEL growing - AKA cornfield
The Bixby Biomass System
High Tech Energy! Low Cost Comfort!
A system that adapts to your persoanl needs, assuring the
ultimate in comfort and economical heating.  
What is Biomass?
Biomass is plant material. It means any plant derived organic matter available on a renewable basis. Put another way, biomass is stored solar energy that can be converted to fuel or electricity. The world contains vast amounts biomass materials.

Dry Shelled Corn As Fuel
Dry shelled corn is a biomass material. Because of it's size and compactness, the corn kernel has been often referred to as "natures natural biomass pellet". Corn is plentiful, cheap, and has a very high BTU (heat energy) value!

The Bixby Biomass Combustion System
The secret to Bixby's high energy performance is oxygen. Oxygen is 100% of the reason anything burns but only 21% of the air that we breath.
Bixby's MaxFire™ technology (patent pending) drives more air into the burn pot using it's unique "vortex system" which allows the oxygen in the air to burn the fuel more completely.

The Bixby Biomass Corn Stove
The primary reason you are probably considering a corn stove is to save money on your heating bill. The Bixby Stove is designed do that better than any other stove while providing features not available anywhere else. It is a pure corn burner, not requiring you to buy special "burn additives" to help the corn burn. And because it burns so efficiently, theres less ash to dispose of. The Bixby Stove also has a higher fuel moisture tolerance level, up to 19%.

Some stoves have to mix "burn enhancers" to the corn because they can't burn the corn efficiently. The Bixby Stove burns corn so efficiently that this is not necessary. (Actual combustion Efficiency: 99.7%). What this means to you is more heat per dollar, less ash to deal with, higher corn moisture tolerance, and no burn enhancer needed!

Look at These Features!
  • Automatic Starting System
    Starts with just the touch of the "ON" button.
    No hand starting required!
  • Electronic Selection Simplifies
    Heat Adjustment
    Adjust the heat output from 8,000 to 50,000 BTU's with just the touch of a button.
  • Large Fuel Storage Capacity
    You don't need to fill this stove as often because
    the hopper holds almost two bushels.
  • New Technology Fuel Feeding System
    Our unique "ferris wheel" design uniformly feeds fuel to the fire pot. designed to prevent jamming from cobs, stones, or nails.
  • Air Dynamics System Maximizes Burn
    With its air vorex system, the unique Burn Pot design drives additional air into the burn environment giving you the necessary supply of oxygen. the result: the most complete fuel consumption and the most heat possible for your energy dollar!
  • Self-cleaning Burn Pot
    Forget the daily cleaning chore you have with other stoves!
    This system automatically removes the ash from the Burn Pot.
    Depending upon what level you are operating the system
    at, it automatically removes the ash from the Burn Pot every
    7 to 20 hours.
  • High Heat Transfer 12 Tube Exchange System
    Durable heat exchange system is designed to provide maximum heat conversion and dependable long term durability.
  • Diagnostic Alert System
    Our heat level indicators are also diagnostic indicators. If something is not working right, one of the eight lights will blink. By simply checking checking the indicator light chart,
    you will know what the problem is and how to fix it.
Bixby Biomass System
• Corn &/or Pellet Stoves • Clean & Dry Corn/Pellets
• Homes, Shops, Pole Barnes
We Deliver and Install

FREE log set with each purchase
Bixby's Engineers and Technicians
Designed a System that Sets a New Standard in Design, Quality and Performance.

Bixby Energy
Not Just an Alternative But Your first Choice

Bixby Energy's Biomass Stove Sytem represents state of the art in multifuel (Corn, Biomass or Wood Pellets) technology. Our patent pending , oxygyn rich burn environment is technology exclusive to bixby stoves and will provide you more heat energy from Biomass fuelsthatn other systems. Clean burning and effortless to operate, environmentally sensitive, with many other exclusive features, the

Bixby stove is the best choice
for your home heating neeeds.
Fuel: Multi-fuel System:
uses shelled corn, wood pellets, or BixbyCertified Biaomass Pellets
Heating Area:Heating area will vary depending upon floor plan, heat loss, and geographic location of home, stove venting configuration and cliomat.
Installation: Install in accordance with manufactures instructions and local codes, if any.
Shipping weight:350 pounds
Electrical: 120 volt AC (All loads shown are combined)
      Normal Operating Mode: 1.6 Amps
      Ash Dump:(5 seconds several time per day: 5 Amps
      Ignitian Mode: Whenever initially starting the stove:          10 Amps
Tested and Listed by:OMNI-Test Laboratories, Inc.
Tested to:ASTM E1509, ULC C1482
Dimentions: Height: 33" Width: 28" Depth: 30"
Fuel Hopper Capacity:106 pounds
Deluxe Trim Options: Nickel Plated or 24K Gold Plated (Doors and Vents).
Color Options: Color Options: Black (Standard) Silver, Blushtone, Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Burgandy.

Specifications subject to change without notice.
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